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Cornea & Refractive Services



LASIK, or “laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis,” is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.
A Laser procedure is safe, proven, trusted. It takes only 10 min to “change your life” get rid of your glasses.Laser vision correction has enabled millions of people worldwide to enjoy a new found freedom-Living there lives without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses.
Whether you are farsighted, near sighted or have astigmatism, Laser eye surgery can eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Once you have a vision correction procedure your natural vision will be restored. Gaining the freedom and security you want is actually quite easy. Laser vision correction is a pain free procedure that takes only 10 minutes and is approximately 60 seconds of laser time per eye in most cases.


Laser steps:
    • Lasik is an acronym for laser insitu keratomileusis.
    • Ten minute daycare procedure which is painless, safe, and with fast recovery of vision. Making it the most popular procedure for laser vision correction.
    • After qualifying the eyes with a pre lasik evaluation and after an informed consent for the Lasik procedure.
    • The patient is prepared before the procedure with anesthetic and antibiotic eye drops, making the eye numb and sterile for the laser procedure.
    • A Microkeratome or a Femtosecond laser handpiece-is used to create a thin corneal flap which remains hinged through the procedure.
    • The corneal flap is lifted and the inner stromal layers of the cornea are “Lasered” with a excimer laser to reshape the inner layer of the cornea assisted by an active eye tracking system , tracking eye movements and directing the laser accordingly. The laser algorithms or treatment plans are computer calculated and driven to give an accurate outcome.
    • The flap is then replaced without the need for stitches, the entire LASIK procedure thus finishes within few minutes.
Implantable Contact Lenses.
“15 pain free minutes that will change your life”: Implanting ICL is considered an outpatient procedure and takes about 15 minutes. A few hours after the implantable contact lenses treatment you will be able to leave the clinic and resume most of your activities.
  • Immediate vision improvement.
  • Simplification of life – Unlike traditional contact lenses, there is no daily cleaning and no concerns with swimming, dust, or other elements that could cause a scratch or cause a contact lens to fall out. The ICL is gently placed inside the eye, behind the iris.
  • ICL is an excellent option for many who have been told they are “not good candidates for LASIK.” ICL can be great for patients who’s corneas are thin, or prescriptions too strong, to be corrected by laser sculpting methods such as LASIK or PRK. ICL may be a preferred option for some patients who have “dry eye” (also called ocular surface disease), or who have concerns about LASIK.
  • ICL provides high patient satisfaction.